Circles and Wheels

Circles and Wheels Book Cover


Circles and Wheels


Anders Flagstad



Anders Flagstad’s new novel Circles and Wheels available now on Smashwords,
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What can you learn about life from the city of San Diego – land of beaches, palm trees, mesas, waterless deserts and angels? This book of short stories attempts to answer that burning civic and personal question. What? What is there to learn?
Angels are everywhere.
In bowling alleys and department stores, on doomed European vacations and the tops of unlikely mountains.
Drag Queens are everywhere.
In sushi bar murders, in first-time love affairs, in condos and in taxis and just in general.
Death is everywhere.
In the light, in the dark, in the nostrils of deities.
Life is everywhere.
In kidnapping the handicapped, in terminal diseases, in haunted public transportation.
Circles and wheels are everywhere.
That is, if you know where to look for them. San Diego’s a good place to start.




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