To Be Released



Chaotic Pendulum

Anders Flagstad


A novel – science fiction – space opera really – involving 12 San Franciscans, time travel, Chinese empires, clubbing at the Endup, liberal doses of LGBT life, and two latino twenty-somethings that end up growing up over a period of a couple of thousand years.

Hopefully out 2022 on Smashwords & Amazon



Slip Slide Sideways

Anders Flagstad


A science fiction novel (more space opera) with liberal doses of Hal, Film Noir, Kung Fu, Feng Shui, Mad Max, and The Water Margin all coming together by accident during the Lunar Revolution of 2222. A Tale of Three Brothers and Six Cities.

Hopefully out 2023 on Smashwords & Amazon



Friday Bright

Anders Flagstad


A re-telling, in present day, of Voltaire’s Candide – the story of a globe-wide, coming-of-age, coming-out process involving tsunamis, Mexican Drug Cartels, abandoned Russian military installations, utopias, dystopias, plenty of LGBTQ and Q folk, nascent Filipino Tech Industries and age-old Moroccan mineral merchants, etc. etc. etc. Attempts to answer the question: What’s it all about, Alfie? Stay tuned for more updates on Friday Bright.

Hopefully out 2023 (?) Maybe(?) on Smashwords & Amazon




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