Bubble Eyes Publishes Anders Flagstad’s New Novella “The Late Heavy Bombardment Begins on Tuesday”

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The Late Heavy Bombardment Begins on Tuesday BOOK COVER

Anders Flagstad’s new novel The Late Heavy Bombardment Begins on Tuesday available on Amazon-Print Softcover and Amazon-Print Hardback and Amazon-Kindle and Smashwords asks the reasonable question: how many times does a guy have to die before you finally get to live a little? The answer’s not as obvious as you might think, especially when rubbery, greasy, garlicky-smelling lips are kissing your chest. But Alfred Pilger (our protagonist) has a few thoughts on the matter.



Bubble Eyes Publishes Anders Flagstad’s New Story Collection “Spare Parts”


Spare Parts Book Cover

Anders Flagstad’s new collection of short stories and novellas Spare Parts available on Amazon and Smashwords – is a lot of haphazard answers in search of some accommodating questions.

In a city on the edge of the continent – in a place where the real and the surreal melt in a foggy fondue and everything is possible – on streets where homeless people get heckled by defunct Roman Emperors, where lovers tell their futures by deciphering tattoos and Death is just one of many tenants barely making a living out of transient hotels, in such a city, what would it take surprise someone?

Spare Parts is book one in the series Principal Parts – a set of interconnected books and characters about San Franciscans and how they got that way and what they do to stay that way and where they expect to go with all this stuff they’re doing.