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Bubble Eyes Publishes Anders Flagstad’s New Novel “Super Karma”

Date 2022 12 21

Super Karma

Anders Flagstad’s new novel Super Karma available now on Amazon-Print Paperback and Amazon-Kindle and Smashwords, tells you all you might need to know about a certain SoCal gentleman named Dare and what happened to said Dare one hot July a couple of years ago. What exactly happened, you ask? And why should you care? Well… You’ll just have to read Super Karma to find out the entire colorful, pain-filled history of that July. Let me just tell you this much, though. This Darius Johnson, Los Angeles citizen, well, he’s a guy like any other guy. He loves his husband, is a prisoner to his mortgage, hustles like a crazy man at work, lives for sweet freedom on the weekend, does his best, yeah, he’s not an idiot with his karma. He figures what goes around REALLY DOES come around. He’s a responsible guy. But what if he were responsible, all of a sudden, for EVERYBODY’S karma? Suddenly, unfairly and overwhelmingly? What would he do then? What would you do then? There’s only one way to find out.




Bubble Eyes Publishes Anders Flagstad’s New Novel “Bone Sliding”

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Anders Flagstad’s new novel Bone Sliding available on Amazon-Print and Amazon-Kindle and Smashwords mixes up fathers and sons and death and life, but not so obviously that you’d notice it right away. Life is serious and love is mysterious, so they say. Sometimes the most important things happen when you’re not looking.