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Bubble Eyes Publishes Anders Flagstad’s New Novel “Bone Sliding”

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Anders Flagstad’s new novel Bone Sliding available on Amazon-Print and Amazon-Kindle and Smashwords mixes up fathers and sons and death and life, but not so obviously that you’d notice it right away. Life is serious and love is mysterious, so they say. Sometimes the most important things happen when you’re not looking.



Bubble Eyes Publishes Anders Flagstad’s New Short Story Collection “Circles and Wheels”


Circles and Wheels Book Cover

Anders Flagstad’s new collection of short stories Circles and Wheels available on Amazon and Smashwords defies description – but we’ll try anyways. We’ll do it for your sake. And we’ll do it just because we’re generally polite that way and we’d really like to introduce you to Anders Flagstad’s new book.

In another one of those cities on the edge of the continent (SF, LA, and SD being the big three – this time we’re talking about SD – San Diego), although the weather may be monotonously predictable, life often is not. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not such a good thing. Anders Flagstad’s new book is a book of short stories about an innocent apartment complex in downtown-ish San Diego, and the innocent and less-than-innocent people living there.

Everybody has a story. Everybody has a life. So do buildings. We think we see buildings, we think we see people and we think we know them. But we don’t. Not really. We see what we want to see. What actually goes on inside – kidnapping, murder, love, death, betrayal, unwashed dishes, parties crashed by homeless men, drag queens leaving their apartments without a sun hat, it would shock and amaze you. Or at least some of you. At least the group that doesn’t live on the edge of the continent. At a minimum, it’s always interesting to watch these edge-of-continent people though, through Flagstad’s eyes, however briefly, and see what goes on in the neighbors’ apartments, late at night, or at high noon, in back of closed and locked doors or hidden behind carefully pulled and fully-extended window shades, especially when said neighbors don’t know they’re being watched.

To get your fill of watching – get and read Anders Flagstad’s Circles and Wheels at Amazon and Smashwords